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About Us

At Brash Equestrian, Scotland we provide a selection of equestrian products for hire and for sale. These products are offered through Brash Equestrain, Scotland as a seperate entity to our horse breeding facility, Faside Stud. We have integrated a Shopping Cart into this website so purchases can be made online, or it is possible to email us to make a purchase.

What We Offer:

  1. Small bale hay suitable for horses
  2. Small bale straw
  3. Foaling kits
  4. Horse trailer hire suitable for two 17hh horses
  5. Ardall dummy rider for hire

Buy Hay & Straw

At Brash Equestrian, Scotland we produce hay and straw for sale. The hay and straw is made ourselves in East Lothian. We have the necessary equipment to cut, toss, bale and wrap the hay and straw and we produce only high grade hay and straw which is available to buy through Brash Equestrian, Scotland.

We can offer bales of hay (approximately 20kg) and straw. Both the hay and straw is processed into small rectangular bales for easier handling. The hay and straw is normally available year round for collection from our facilities in East Lothian and can be purchased below through our secure payment system which is linked to our inventory system.

For collecting the hay or straw, you can locate us using the following map. To organise a date for collection, we will contact customers on receipt of an order.

Hay - none available 2020
Straw - none available 2020

Buy Foaling Kit

We also produce foaling kits which include everything you need for foaling. These essentials include Virkon S disinfectant, scissors, iodine spray, naval dip bottle, Hibiscrub, a pair of sterile gloves, 4 arm length gloves, three sterile teat wipes, a large sponge, an umbilical clamp, two tail bandages, foaling timing sheet and pencil, normal parameters of the neonate sheet, when to call the vet sheet, an enema, lubricant, small headcollar, 500ml bottle with teat and a  thermometer in a 14 litre flexi-bucket.

The selection of items in the foaling kit has been brought together by Brash Equestrian, Scotland and the items have been specifically chosen based on our own experience in the breeding of horses and ponies. The foaling kits can be customised and if you require additional items or amendments to the foaling kits, please email us prior to purchase.

The foaling kit can be delivered throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Foaling Kit - £80.00 per kit (plus postage)

Hire Horse Trailer

We have a horse trailer available for hire through Brash Equestrian, Scotland. The horse trailer is an Ifor Williams and has the capacity for two horses. The trailer has a rear ramp and van doors, and a ramp at the front for exiting and a door for personnel.

The horse trailer can be provided with bedding and with partitions or full width breast  bars.  For hiring the horse trailer, the driver must have a valid driving licence for driving a horse trailer and provide proof of address. The horse trailer is available on either a daily rate, or a weekend or weekly rate and the horse trailer is only available to collect from our basse in East Lothian.

To check availability or for any further questions, please feel free to email us. For collection of the horse trailer, you can use the following map to locate us.

Horse Trailer - £70.00 per week day (for collection)
Horse Trailer - £81.25 per weekend day (for collection)
Horse Trailer - £140.00 per weekend (for collection)
Horse Trailer - £362.50 per week (for collection)

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Hire Ardall

You can also hire an Ardall through Brash Equestrian, Scotland for use with horses and ponies. The Ardall is an aid for breaking in horses and ponies and the Ardall simulates the presence of a rider with the similar weight and form of a person. The Ardall is used in conjunction with a saddle and makes the process of breaking in a horse or pony far less risky.

The Ardall can be used as a substitute for a rider during the early stages of breaking in a horse but avoids the use of a rider. The Ardall is available through Brash Equestrian, Scotland and can be rented on a per week basis. To check availablity or to organise delivery throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, please feel free to email us.

The benefit of using an Ardall is it limits risk to riders during the most dangerous stage of breaking in horses or ponies and the Ardall is a very effective training tool. The Ardall can be delivered throughout the United Kingdom.

Ardall - SR1 £40 per week (plus postage, £15 to most UK addresses)
Ardall - SR2 £45 per week (plus postage, £15 to most UK addresses)

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